Drone defence toolbox

Protection for civilian and military infrastructure

Incidents with drones in civilian environments and the constantly rising relevance of off-the-shelf drones in military operations generate an ever-growing demand for adequate, tailored solutions.

After concluding a series of trials and tests, Rheinmetall deploys a broadly based range of sensors and data processing technologies, which are applicable for various scenarios and threat environments. As a result, a combination of different radars in X- and S- band mode, passive emitter locators, commercial identification technologies such as ADS-B and 360° cameras with laser range finders as well as infrared and TV cameras in various spectrums.


The generated signals are processed, fused, and classified by our in-house command and control system "Skymaster" in order to provide a comprehensible, coherent recognized air picture. Further integration to systems in a higher echelon of commercial or military air operation centres significantly adds to the efficiency of the system and its operators.

Deployment possibilities of the abovementioned means are in accordance to the customer's needs stationary, rapid-deployable or mobile. For the mobile version, Rheinmetall offers several platforms including ballistic protected vehicles.

The Rheinmetall C-UAS jammer with its directed jamming signal is readily available for interventions. In the near future, autonomous catcher drones can be integrated and for high threat environments, the high-energy laser and a wide range of air defence cannons using the highly specialized Ahead air burst ammunition against micro targets can be added.

This allows the customer to adapt to constantly changing requirements with maximum flexibility while staying within the boundaries of their budget.

Systems for drone defence

Qualified arms for air defence (QAFAD)

The threat by drones gets in the focus more and more by the current time. The scenario does not matter. Either by reconnaissance or lethal threat in military area or the temporary shut down of airports in civil areas. Rheinmetall Electronics has the system solution for counter UAS. It consists of specially designed sensors and effectors. With high end technologies the system is capable of detecting, tracking and defeating even the smallest micro UAV. It can be deployed stationary or on vehicels. Interfaces to other command and control systems allow the reception or transmission of data.

Mobile C-UAS System

Rheinmetall's mobile Counter-UAS system offers an integrated all-in-one solution to the difficult task of monitoring, identifying and as last resort intercept current and future mini and micro Uncrewed Aerial Vehicles. It is designed for use in highly controlled airspaces and under the most stringent peacetime’s engagement conditions, such as at airports and public events.

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