Naval air defence

Oerlikon Millennium Gun®, Oerlikon Searanger® and Oerlikon Seaguard®

Rheinmetall's naval air defence systems integrate all the benefits of our ground-based air defence systems. Oerlikon Millennium Gun, Oerlikon Searanger and Oerlikon Seaguard are specially adapted for layered naval air defence tasks.
Oerlikon Millennium Gun®

In an anti-surface role, the Millennium Gun is a fast and powerful effector. The gun system is designed to engage multiple high-speed asymmetric surface targets (swarming attacks). It exceeds United States Navy keep-out-range requirements for countering a multi-axis threat from multiple fast-intruder attack craft.

In an anti-air role, the Millennium Gun can engage a large spectrum of air threats, ranging from low-radar cross section anti-ship missiles to fast-attack aircraft and helicopters.

Additionally, the Millennium Gun can easily defeat challenging low, slow and small air threats posed by unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV).

The Millennium Gun, with its programmable Oerlikon Ahead ammunition, has also been deployed to provide counter rocket, artillery and mortar (C-RAM) defence for land-based applications.

  • Defence against anti-ship missile, aircraft, helicopter, UAV and asymmetric threats of fast incoming small crafts
  • 252 rounds ready to fire ammunition
  • Nominal rate of fire (burst) 1’000 rds/min, rapid single shot (200 rds/min) and single-shot
  • No deck penetration, standard Ethernet interfaces
  • ISO-mount option for minimal installation efforts and simplicity for removal and reinstallation
  • Plinth direct installation to ship’s deck minimising on-deck weight
  • Option: integrated tracking sensor unit
  • TRL 9
Oerlikon Searanger® 20 Remote Controlled Gun Station
The Oerlikon Searanger 20 is the optimal main armament for small boats for coast guard, police, anti-pirate and anti-smuggling missions and can also be installed on larger vessels as side gun and play an important role in close-range defence.
  • High precision, stabilized 20 mm gun station designed for patrol, police and border control duties
  • Modular electro-optical sensor package (EOS)
  • Gun console with hand controllers for weapon control and the multi-function display (MFD) for the EOS system
  • 20 mm Oerlikon Cannon® KAE
    • Effective combat range: up to 2’000 m
    • Max. rate of fire 1’000 rds/min
    • Rapid single shot mode 200 rds/min
  • 200 rounds ammunition ready to fire
  • Simple one-man maintenance
  • Options:
    • Recording capability of sight video for training exercises or legal investigations
    • External target data assignment by interfacing with ship designation system via a RS-422/485 link
  • TRL 9
Oerlikon Seaguard® Biax
The Oerlikon Seaguard Biax is a versatile and highly effective naval tracking system. It is a 2-axis multi-purpose tracker suitable for all weather conditions equipped with the latest radar technology to counter the diverse range of symmetric and asymmetric threats that exist today including highly-agile anti-ship missiles.
  • 2-axes target tracking mount with X-band or Ku-band radar, TV camera and optional FLIR and LRF
  • Designed for the execution of anti-air and surface engagements, using both active and passive sensors
  • Pre-action calibration and in-action correction functions are provided to increase accuracy and hit probability of gunfire
  • 2-axes (+85° / -30°/ n x 360°) fully stabilized
  • 2 x microwave power modules for radar redundancy
  • Standard Ethernet interface
  • Customisable carbon fibre-composite cover allows customer specific radar cross section
  • Optional CW illumination for naval surface-to-surface and surface-to-air missile systems
  • TRL 9

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