Acoustic Flaps

Exhaust flaps for passenger cars are integrated in the exhaust tract. The housing is either a precision casting or of welded sheetmetal construction. This is ordinarily combined with a DC motor actuator with a contact-free sensor. All actuators for our exhaust gas flaps are internally developed.

For gasoline engines, there is a variant of the diesel exhaust gas flap constructed as an acoustic flap. In this case, particular attention is paid to internal leakage in order to achieve optimum noise minimization performance. A range of different actuators from the Pierburg modular system can be used to control the acoustic flap.

Acoustics Control Valves (ACV)

Sheet metal acoustic flaps or acoustic control valves (ACV) are generally weld-in solutions and are available as “sealed” or “unsealed” options. Customer-specific electrical connectors are naturally also available for these products.


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