Electrical Vapor Pumps

Emission standards don’t just regulate tailpipe emissions, they also apply to non-combusted fuel vapors. These harmful vapors form in the fuel tank during temperature changes and have to be kept from escaping into the atmosphere. In most cases, these vapors are trapped in an activated carbon canister mounted close to the fuel tank. This canister needs to be purged on a regular basis. With this in mind, Pierburg GmbH has developed a compact, innovative pump that allows flexible purging of the carbon canister without relying on engine vacuum sources.

The first of its kind, this electric vapor pump has been mass produced since 2018.

Designed for controlling evaporative fuel emissions, the electrical vapor pump monitors and prevents volatile hydrocarbons from escaping the vehicle fuel system.


  • First on the market – in series production since 2018
  • Active cooling of the vehicles electronics minimizes influence of temperature on pump performance
  • Integrated pressure sensor with 1% accuracy and variable pump speed for optimum emissions control
Technical data  
Flow rate up to 50 l/min
Pressure up to 0.1 bar
Ambient temperature -10 °C to +105 °C
Control type LIN
Lifetime over 5,000 hours

Electrical Vapor Pump - Evaporative Emission Control System monitors and prevents any volatile hydrocarbons from escaping the vehicle fuel system



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