Electrical Bypass Valves

Electrical bypass valves ensure optimal operating behavior of turbocharged gasoline engines by briefly opening a bypass on the compressor during overrun. This keeps the turbocharger at speed and prevents so-called "surging". Noise behavior and service life are sustainably improved.

The valves are designed for installation directly on the turbocharger. They comply with the extreme requirements in terms of pressure and temperature. Installation on the air duct or on the intercooler is also possible. Thanks to the integrated pressure compensation, the valves are largely independent of the boost pressure and are suitable for all turbo engines.
Kompaktes Schubumluftventil


Pierburg introduced electrical bypass valves to the market as the first manufacturer already in 2004. Meanwhile they are installed in much more than 100 million engines worldwide. The 6th generation is now in use. Despite continuously increasing requirements, it is smaller, lighter and more powerful than all other valves on the market thanks to extensive optimization.

In addition to the standard version, which operates exclusively by magnetic force, a compact design is also available. It uses the boost pressure to assist during opening, which means that an even smaller version is possible. The preferred installation of these valves is on the intercooler.

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