Ammunition Disposal Plants

Dismantling and disposal of unserviceable or surplus ammunition requires a high degree of professional expertise. Rheinmetall is an experienced, licensed partner for the efficient, safe and environment-friendly disposal of conventional ammunition as well as explosives.

The predominant part of raw materials won in such a way can be profitably re-introduced into the cycle of matter via the professional separation of the individual materials. Only minor residues cannot be recycled economically and must therefore be disposed of in an environment-friendlymanner by means of legally regulated special combustion plants.

Alternatively the conversion of over-aged service ammunition into practice ammunition may be employed.

The safety and protection of employees during the different working processes is paramount.


Key Features

  • Custom-made Rheinmetall concepts
  • Individual plants for all ammunition types and natures
  • Complete disposal factories
  • Recycling and utilisation of materials

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