Ammunitions disposal module – EMMA

Marine protection

An existing offshore platform onto which an existing ammunitions disposal facility will be adapted will be at the heart of the EMMA ammunitions disposal module.

In contrast to comparable concepts, the net quantity of explosives for the disposal facility will not be removed on board of the platform but instead underwater and at a safe distance from the platform. The explosives will also be broken down into appropriate sizes.

The advantage here is in the possibility of using already existing floating units and in a clear minimization of risk.

Salvaging and classification

Clear identification is required to assess the type and size of the respective ordnance and the associated classification of the risk it poses. Available technologies from the oil and gas industry are adapted or modified for this.


Ordnance that does not exceed the permissible net explosive quantity of the disposal facility, such as artillery shells, ammunition boxes, weapons, and ammunition parts, will be supplied to the disposal facility directly, to be disposed of in an environmentally sound manner.

Large explosive ordnance, such as naval mines, torpedoes, aerial bombs, and depth charges, will be disassembled into the corresponding sizes by a module for delaboration. The individual parts will then be supplied to disposal.

In situ blasting

Explosive ordnance that cannot be transported for reasons of safety will be mostly disassembled on site, thereby significantly reducing net explosive content. This means that the majority of the explosives can be supplied to disposal.

Any remnants and ignition systems will be destroyed by detonation on site. This is done using a corresponding module to protect the needs for sound and pressure decoupling from the environment and prevent contamination in the water and seabed.

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