DEB-RA® – Runway Hazard Management System

Real-time runway incursions FOD and wildlife detection

DEB-RA® is multi-functional system for airport safety and security.

DEB-RA® combines a high resolution Debris detection radar with an advanced day/night electro-optic system. It has been designed for automated Foreign Object Debris (FOD), wildlife and atomatic runway incursion detection and classification at airports.
It is an all-weather, 24/7 state-of-the-art integrated solution for runway hazard monitoring and protection.The system’s embedded functions can be utilized to support advanced surface traffic management (A-SMGCS/ASDE) and security (anti-intrusion) functionalities.

The use of millimetre wavelength, with its excellent angular discrimination despite of a small size antenna and the very short transmitted pulse (20ns) allow the detection of small objects independently from the materials on the airport surface with extremely high accuracy and resolution.

The associated high resolution day/night cameras allow the operator to promptly classify the detected object, assess the relevant risk for airport operations based on the hazard’s nature and location and determine corrective actions to be taken. A centralized server collects, via fiber optics, data from sensors and distributes the suitable output to operation and maintenance consoles.

The installation is typical on 7 meter tower and during operation and maintenance does not interfere with airport operation. Radar transmission does not affect any other electronic system at the airport.


FOD and wildlife hazards management process

  • Detection: Few seconds (system/parameter) after the radar detects a hazard, track position is presented on the operational console and the operator is advised through audio and visual alarms.
  • Identification: The camera automatically "slews to cue" allowing the operator to observe and identify the nature of the hazard.
  • Risk Assessment: The operator classified the risk and decides for FOD removal or filing the event without further actions.
  • Removal: Removal team is alerted and guided by a dedicated application on mobile devices.
  • Report / Analysis: A report is automatically proposed to the operator. All the events are stored in a common database for statistics and analysis.

Runway incursions detection and other embedded functions

DEB-RA® system provides continuous surveillance of the airport surface and automatically detects and localizes, in real time, any occurrence involving the presence of an aircraft, vehicle or person on the runways. DEB-RA® is therefore an effective, state-of-art system to mitigate the hazard of "runway incursion", one of the major safety issue of airport operations.
Due to its 360° coverage, very fast rotation (60rpm) and excellent performance in terms of high resolution and discrimination, DEB-RA® can also optionally fulfil the mission of surface movements monitoring on runways and taxiways and perform aprons surveillance and security surveillance of an airport’s fences, detecting intrusions by persons or animals.

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