Vingtaqs II

The supreme target acquisition system


Vingtaqs II

Vingtaqs II is an observation, surveillance and high accuracy target acquisition system, designed to be used in various scenarios, in order to gain information supremacy, share information and use the information to coordinate diff erent eff ectors, which are vital and decisive factors in all modern military situations or conflicts.

The System
The system is modular to meet specific customer requirements, and components can be changed in fi eld conditions. The sensors and control system are integrated into a Multi Sensor System, which is mounted on a retractable mast on a vehicle or on a tripod near the vehicle.
  • Suitable for Forward Observer, Joint Terminal Attack Controller, Reconnaissance, Border Surveillance and Special Operations
  • System precision reduces the chances for collateral damages, increases the eff ect of various eff ectors (artillery, bombs, missile, etc.) and increases the situational awareness
  • Optimal digital video quality and video streaming available
  • Optical and radar tracking
  • Vector and point stabilized
  • MIL-STD qualified
  • Mast integration on vehicle to operate covertly and gain overview
  • Possible to operate on tripod away from vehicle e.g. in buildings or higher ground
  • Automatic surveillance (sweep mode) for operator endurance
  • Integrated with BMS, e.g. send targets, images, stream video, own position, camera data, receive reference points, LRF distance and system status
  • Slew to cue from radar, BMS, turret or RWS
Radar option
  • Integrated radar for all weather capability, sensor cueing, and early warning
  • Low output power from radar, allowing the system to be virtually undetectable for Electronic Countermeasures
  • Artillery and mortar fi re correction
  • Automatic and manual target classifi cation
VINGTAQS II System Accuracy Specification
The Vingtaqs II is capable of measuring and calculating targets precisely and accurately with tactical grade Target Location Error CAT1 (TLE), meaning low CEP/LEP (Circular and Linear Error Probable). 

Vingtaqs II consists of high-quality sensors with low random errors that enable the system to calculate targets precisely.
Laser target designation
  • Laser Target Designator integration for directing laser guided munition
  • Laser see-spot to verify target and aim point correction during designation
  • Easily perform Battle Damage Assessment with storing pictures and video with metadata
  • Laser Target Pointer visible with low light cameras
  • Visible for friendly forces using NVG
  • Illuminate targets for patrols, helicopters, aircrafts or other

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