BAA – Observation and reconnaissance equipment

Rheinmetall has developed a standalone observation and reconnaissance set that can be mounted on a variety of platforms, including vehicles, masts, tripods, etc. Highly effective, it can be operated directly or in standalone mode via remote control (cable). The set consists of a sensor head, a thermal imaging sight, a daylight sight telescope with CCD camera and an eye-safe laser rangefinder. 
The pan-and-tilt head contains the interface and power electronics and the drives for azimuth and elevation. It is connected to the observation and reconnaissance device via a two-wire BUS. The control and display unit (CDU) includes the monitor, control panel, built-in joystick unit and the electronic controller boards. The joystick unit is used to operate laser firing, field of view selection, zoom adjustment, sight switchover (CCD camera–thermal imaging sight) and the aiming process itself.

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