Digital Optical Sight (DOS)


With the Digital Optical Sight (DOS), flying targets as well as stationary objects can be optically sighted. The measured azimuth and elevation angles then can be transmitted to a fire control unit, a launcher, or a gun, respectively. The operator seat is fitted onto an upper mount, which can be rotated clockwise and counter-clockwise without limitation. The upper mount rests on a lower mount, which is supported by three outriggers. The outriggers are attached to manually adjustable spindles, thus enabling the levelling of the DOS.

Attached to the upper mount is a swivel arm for vertical movement to determine the target elevation by means of an encoder. The upper mount also includes the encoder for azimuth measurement.

After processing the angle information for bit-serial data transmission, these data are transmitted from the DOS to the fire control unit or to the weapon via a multicore cable.


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