ENHANCER HD video processor

High definition, real-time video enhancements

Enhancer connects to your HD digital or analogue camera or recorded source, for an instant performance boost to security, surveillance and situational awareness systems.

A high-performance, plug-and-play, real-time standard and high-definition video processor, ENHANCER applies Rheinmetall’s best-in-class video enhancement technology, for a visibly improved image.
Key features
  • High definition, real-time video enhancements
  • Digital stabilization
  • Smart Contrast Enhancement
  • Low latency, live video processing
  • Standalone or VMS integration
  • Improves imagery to increase operational effectiveness

Using FPGA accelerated image processing techniques and the latest system-on-ship processing technology, ENHANCER unleashes powerful digital processing capability onto the live video stream: Digital Stabilisation can remove unwanted camera shake. Contrast Enhancement can boost visibility in low light or poor weather conditions. With a high quality slim-line form-factor, and a choice of control interfaces, ENHANCER is a highly flexible addition to any vision system.

Compatible with a wide range of SMPTE digital video input standards, from 720P to 180P, via a HD-DSI input, ENHANCER also supports analogue (PAL, NTSC) input sources are auto-detected and the outputs, HD-SDI or analogue, will automatically display the image. 75 Ohm BNC connectors are used for all video inputs and outputs. With a web enables GUI, and options for VMS or other host system integration or serial or Ethernet links, the user can also easily command the device to control the video processing functions as the application demands. Settings can be saved across power cycles for ‘set and forget’ operation.


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