EOSS – Autonomous optronic sighting system


The EOSS electro-optical sensor system is an easily retrofitted fire control unit used, for example, in the Wiesel1 MK weapon platform. It can be retrofitted into main battle tanks to give them a night fighting capability, as had already been successfully demonstrated.

The EOSS enables accurate engagement of moving and stationary targets day and night as well as under conditions of poor visibility. This autonomous optronic system assures fast, reliable aiming, range-finding and fire control calculations. Apart from a Saphir® thermal imaging device, the sensor head contains an eye-safe laser rangefinder, a daytime camera and the associated electronic assemblies.

Main features
  • Secondary stabilized via weapon
  • Sensors: Thermal imager 3rd generation, daylight or high resolution daylight CCD camera, eysafe laser range finder, integrated fire control electronics
  • Detection, recognition, identification and engagement of moving and stationary targets also on the move
  • Very compact design and low weight
  • Easy integration without extensive turret modification

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