FIRST – Fast InfraRed Search and Track

Rheinmetall has developed a new infrared scanning device for 360° surveillance with short reaction times. Its main features are high sensitivity for detection at maximum range and a high resolution for precise target tracking as well as compact size for vehicle integration and portability.

FIRST consists of a sensor head, a signal processing unit as well as a control and display unit. In the signal processing unit, raw data are evaluated and compiled in real time. For target assignment, the operator is supported by the threat evaluation software, and alarms will be generated automatically.

Due to the 360° surveillance capability in azimuth and the very high resolution, which is better than that of any other comparable Shorad radar, FIRST will be able to meet all the challenges for air defence forces, from fighters and attack helicopters to cruise missiles, UAVs and other smart weapons.

If a target is classified to be a threat, an alarm is generated in a very short time and data for weapon cueing are sent out. Through the automated process of surveillance, threat analysis and target tracking, the operator is supported optimally and his workload is reduced.

Another application for FIRST is the protection of military or civilian objects against air or surface threats. The system observes the terrain automatically. Up to now, FIRST is a system focussing on air defence, but there are more possible applications. As stand-alone version, FIRST can be used as alerting system for protection of facilities against surface or air threats. FIRST is a robust, flexible and multi-purpose surveillance system, providing permanent protection for stationary objects against various threats.

Main features
  • Excellent resolution
  • Long range
  • Fast, automated detection of aerial targets
  • Network-capable
  • Easy to transport thanks to compact, lightweight design

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