Fast Infrared Search and Track Reconnaissance Sensor

FIRSTnavy is a stabilized passive system to provide 360°cover-age of sea, air and land targets at medium-range distances. FIRSTnavy detects targets autonomously, automatically issuing an alarm message in the event of a threat and either feeding the data obtained into a network or sending target data directly to an effector. FIRSTnavy has a large elevation detection angle, a fact which sets technical constraints on resolution, or rather, range. The capabilities of a high-performance sensor like the MSP 500, with a small field of view for maximum ranges, can greatly contribute to the optimum passive identification of a detected object. In this case, the target data on a detected object would be transmitted from FIRSTnavy to MSP600.
Main features
  • Excellent resolution
  • High elevation coverage
  • Fast, automated detection of aerial targets
  • Network-capable
  • Compact and lightweight design

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