Optronic Drivers Sight

The ODS supports the driver of armoured vehicles in navigating the vehicle during day, night and under limited visibility conditions. As soon as it has been switched on, the Optronic Driver's Sight provides a clear structured picture. The thermal imaging technology - based on uncooled detectors - allows to replace a vision block by a small, inexpensive thermal imaging unit (indentical mechanical interface).

To provide the function of the vision blocks the ODS is additionally equipped with a day sight CCD camera. The ODS provides a second video signal, which allows independent monitoring of the thermal sight or the day sight at the same time on a second monitor.

Main features

  • Thermal sight based on un-cooled detectors
  • CCD day sight camera
  • Thermal sight's line of sight can be swiveled
  • Separate flat screen display, permitting flexible arrangement
  • Video output/input
  • Good resolution and sensitivity

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