Video surveillance technology

benntec offers comprehensive solutions for all areas of video monitoring with the state-of-the-art technology, competent consultancy, planning and realisation experience for many years. This includes the process related control of goods, buildings, factory premises and technical equipment.

The company keeps a high regional market share, particularly in high-end-systems. benntec is also an increasingly requested partner in international projects, for example in the deliviery of integrable video-subsystems for complex constructions.

All of benntec's turn-key-solutions are based on most modern system-components such as

  • Analog and digital cameras
  • Powerful day- and night objectives
  • CRT- and TFT-monitors
  • Image processing and IR-sensor technology
  • Remote-data-transfer-technology
  • Analog and digital long-time-recorder / recording systems
  • IR-illumination
  • Control-mirrors in several types
References in the division video-technology
  • Airbus, Hamburg / visualisation of static tests A380
  • Frosta GmbH, Bremerhaven / cool high bay warehouse, lot control
  • Clarification plant, Bremerhaven / area-protection and process-control
  • Media Markt, Bremen / control of the sales area
  • Media Mobil, Bremen / traffic control Abu Dhabi (VAE)
  • Plate office equipment, Lilienthal / control of production
  • Police office, Bremen / area protection BEPO Niedersachsendamm, room of interrogation Vahr
  • Siemens AG, Essen / control of production KTN Dillenburg

benntec Systemtechnik GmbH is certified according DIN EN ISO 9001.


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