Mobile CBRN reconnaissance systems

Globally proven force protection and civil defence capabilities

As the world’s foremost maker of mobile CBRN reconnaissance systems for military applications and civil defence, Rheinmetall offers Germany’s NATO partners and other likeminded nations a wide array of CBRN detection products.

Nuclear, biological and chemical weapons continue to pose a grave and growing threat. The risk of increased proliferation of weaponized biological and chemical agents is particularly acute: they are easier and cheaper to produce than nuclear weapons. It is impossible to say today if the efforts of bodies such as the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons to stop the spread of weapons of mass destruction (or even bring about their eventual elimination) will ever bear fruit.

Moreover, increasing industrialization likewise harbours serious potential threats. The ability to mount a swift, effective response in the event of a release of hazardous chemicals, for instance, or radioactive material, is now an urgent priority for military and civil defence planners around the globe. Terrorism, too, continues to pose a growing danger to national and international security, threatening civilian populations and military forces alike. Fast, reliable detection of surreptitiously released CBRN agents and other toxic substances–even under difficult conditions–has thus become a life-or-death capability; and the same is surely true of the future.


Fuchs/Fox armoured NBC reconnaissance system

Packed with built-in state-of-the-art detection equipment, Rheinmetall Defence’s Fuchs/Fox armoured NBC reconnaissance system can quickly determine the presence of nuclear, biological and chemical contamination on the ground and in the air, covering large areas. Rugged and reliable, this amphibious, all-terrain armoured vehicle is able to conduct its mission even in the toughest terrain. Nearly 300 of these systems are now in service with customers worldwide. They have already proven highly effective in numerous operations.

Bio-Spür-Fuchs/Fox & Yak mobile biological reconnaissance systems

The Bio-Spür-Fuchs and Bio-Spür-Yak are both highly mobile reconnaissance systems capable of detecting the presence of weaponized biological agents and contaminants in the air, on the ground and in water, quickly covering large areas. For the first time, these two highly integrated systems make it possible to search for biological threats.

Mobile NBC-field laboratories

The extensively equipped mobile CBRN-field laboratories of Rheinmetall Defence are used for more comprehensive tasks, e.g. to identify and verify any nuclear, radiological, biological or chemical contamination. All of the data needed to comprehensively assess the current danger with regard to environmental, operational and radiation protection can be determined in situ. The most modern analytical equipment is installed inside standard NATO shelters that can be rapidly deployed worldwide by truck, aircraft, train or ship.

Light CBRN reconnaissance vehicle

Already in service with numerous German fire brigades, Rheinmetall’s CBRN detection vehicles are used for the fast and reliable detecting of radiological and chemical contamination. The measuring equipment is housed in the crew cabinet with an autonomous power supply. This computer-operated system enables the collection, evaluation and storage of each pollution load including the relevant geographical coordinates. Data is transmitted to higher echelon elements via the GSM network. As an option, additional equipment is available for detecting biological warfare agents. The CBRN reconnaissance vehicle accommodates 4 persons.
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