Driver Monitoring Systems (DMS)

Driver Drowsiness Detection

Drowsiness at the wheel is one of the most common causes of traffic accidents. With the help of Driver Drowsiness Detection from Rheinmetall Dermalog SensorTec, such accidents can be avoided by warning the driver at the first sign of drowsiness. The solution is based on the latest facial recognition and eye tracking techniques, which enable fast and accurate analysis of the driver's state in real time. This way, the system can prompt the driver to take a break before a dangerous situation occurs.

Driver Distraction Detection

Whether smartphone, navigation device or on-board computer: due to technological advances, the potential for drivers being distracted is higher than ever. The consequence: Distractions and inattentiveness significantly impair driving safety. Rheinmetall Dermalog SensorTec's solution detects different types of distraction and provides information for safer driving behaviour. For example, the system detects if a driver uses their mobile phone inappropriately, consumes food or drink, or is distracted by other occupants.

Additional Features

Rheinmetall Dermalog SensorTec's Driver Monitoring System fulfils all Euro NCAP requirements and has a wide range of additional functions such as:

  • Driver identification and authentication
  • Biometric vehicle access
  • Automated cockpit settings
  • Gesture control
  • Object detection

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