Occupant State Monitoring Systems (OMS)

Child Presence Detection (CPD)

Depending on the ambient temperature, children's body temperature rises three to five times faster than an adult's body temperature. Given the fact that the interior of a parked car can heat up to well over 40°C in a very short space of time when in the sun, this can be life-threatening to children. In the past 25 years, over 900 children in the US alone have died of heat stroke because they were left in parked cars.

For this reason, Euro NCAP now includes CPD systems in its vehicle safety assessment.

We provide a CPD system that reliably meets all Euro NCAP requirements. This ensures the safety of those who are not yet able to look after themselves.

Seat Occupancy Detection and Classification for Seat Belt Reminder

Getting from A to B safely – that's what we all want. But what happens in the event of an accident? Many serious injuries can be avoided if everyone wears a seat belt. The Seat Belt Reminder not only informs the driver that they need to wear a seat belt, but also whether all other occupants in the car are wearing their seat belts. Nowadays, the data for this is provided by special sensor mats installed in the seat. They respond to pressure and indicate when the seat is occupied by a person or a sufficiently heavy object. With our contactless interior monitoring system, no additional sensors are needed in each seat. A distinction can be made between adults, children and objects.

Pet Detection

Pets left in the car can also be detected by our system.

Intrusion Detection

Detection of unauthorised intrusion even before the vehicle is damaged.

Situational Airbag Suppression

Monitoring passengers' posture to avoid increased injuries from airbags.

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