Fuse systems

The range of products comprises electronic and electromechanical fuses powered by piezo, battery or generator, and designed for use in extremely demanding applications such as tank ammunition or state-of-the-art bunker-busting rounds. For example, the piezo-electronic fuses used in bunker-busting projectiles have to be able to withstand levels of shock stress more than 100,000 times greater than gravity.

Piezo-activated fuse systems

Piezo-activated fuse systems from Rheinmetall are designed to withstand levels of shock stress up to 100,000 g. When used in shaped charge projectiles and bunker-busting rounds, the fuses do not need an external power supply, making them easy to integrate. Moreover, the fuses can be equipped with two independent safety systems.
Battery-activated fuse systems
As an alternative to electronic safe and arm device (ESAD) fuses, Rheinmetall offers battery-activated fuse systems for use in missiles, e.g. TOW and Dragon warheads.

Generator-activated systems

This fuse technology has been successfully used for over forty years. Shockproof up to 75,000 g, the launch energy is generated by a recoil generator. Generator-activated fuse systems produce energy during launch acceleration, storing it in an electronic unit. This type of fuse system is primarily used in high-velocity projectiles.

Mechanical fuses

Mechanical fuses from Rheinmetall are mainly used in 40 mm rounds. The fuses meet the full range of standard safety and functional requirements. Pyrotechnical self-destruction ensures that no unexploded rounds remain on the battlefield, even if they fail to explode on impact due to a soft surface, etc.

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