40 mm Ammunition

Low, Medium und High Velocity

Rheinmetall supplies a wide range of 40 mm low, medium and high velocity cartridges that offer high precision and reliability in all climatic conditions.
Low Velocity
In the low velocity (LV) field Rheinmetall offers products for operations of all types: practice cartridges, impulse/less-than-lethal, sound & flash, and irritant cartridges for peacekeeping and peace enforcement, as well as high explosive, illumination and smoke/obscurant ammunition for high intensity warfare. All of our low velocity cartridges contain a unique patented, proprietary propulsion unit with a high-low pressure chamber and a predetermined breakpoint. This ensures consistent muzzle velocities, resulting in a high degree of accuracy. Furthermore our LV cartridges are compatible with any standard 40mm LV grenade launcher or rifle attachment.
High Velocity

Rheinmetall’s high velocity (HV) cartridges also use a proven, patented propulsion unit that produces very low standard deviation in muzzle velocity, resulting in excellent accuracy. With a constant muzzle velocity, our practice and high explosive cartridges can attain a maximum range of 2,200 metres with any standard 40mm HV automatic grenade launcher. Rheinmetall high velocity cartridges are highly reliable, with a failure rate of less than 1%. Moreover, their modular design makes them very cost effective.

Medium Velocity
Based on battle-proven 40 mm HV components, Rheinmetall’s new medium-velocity (MV) cartridges offer the same high degree of accuracy as the company’s HV cartridges. With a consistent muzzle velocity of 100 m/sec, the MV practice and high-explosive cartridges can attain a range of up to 700 metres. Rheinmetall MV cartridges can be used with most standard LV launchers.
High Explosive
All Rheinmetall high explosive HV and MV cartridges can be equipped with a unique, jamming-proof, affordable airburst time-delay capability. The high explosive cartridges meet the latest environmental specifications for helicopter and propeller vibration, long-term storage, etc., while the fuse complies with STANAG 4187 safety requirements. Equipped with an electronic self-destruct mechanism and an enhanced point detonation function, the HE cartridges remain highly reliable at temperatures ranging from -46°C to +63°C.
Practice cartridges
Rheinmetall’s family of 40 mm products also includes practice versions of its low, medium and high velocity cartridges with a 100 % ballistic match to our service ammunition. Fully complying with the latest requirements for training ammunition, Rheinmetall 40mm training cartridges truly allow operators to "train as they fight".

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