Rubber Composites

Adhesion guaranteed — production of multifunctional composite parts from rubber and metal (steel, aluminium, magnesium) and rubber and plastic with chemical and/or mechanical bonds is one of our key skills. Specific properties, such as ease and reversibility of deformation, high elasticity and good attenuation, make composites suitable for a range of applications. The industries that use our rubber/plastic and rubber/metal composite systems include vehicle construction, the electrical and plumbing sectors and in machine and plant engineering.
Rubber/Plastic and Rubber/Metal Parts
In composite parts produced by Rheinmetall Brandt, each individual component has a dedicated function — the support element (plastic or metal) helps to ensure the strength of the part and withstands high stress loads, while the rubber provides attenuation or sealing properties, or any other function that may be specified.

Benefits of Rheinmetall Brandt composites

Finished composite systems offer a number of obvious benefits:
  • A wide selection of compounds is available, suitable for bonding with plastic or metal and easy to adapt
       to your specific requirements.
  • Composites produced by our specialists guarantee reliable quality, which also means operational reliability. Adhesion is guaranteed.
  • There’s no need for you to assemble the individual components yourself, which is a tremendous time and cost saving. This also helps to reduce the risk of assembly errors.
  • Instead of having to deal with several components, you only have to run one item through your production process, helping to reduce demands on storage capacities.

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