Rubber Moulded Parts

As a specialist in the production of rubber moulded parts, we apply our wide-ranging expertise and experience to the production of versatile rubber membranes, air springs and gaiters. We also produce a wide array of additional elastomer moulded parts, such as rings, caps, buffers and absorbers as well as gaskets, valve lips, grommets and anti-vibration mounts.
Rubber membranes
Rheinmetall Brandt has many years of experience in the production of thin-walled rubber membranes, which impose demanding requirements on tool design and compound selection. The tool planning process necessitates careful selection of cavity numbers and the quality of guides, while the quality of the materials and the fine straining process is important in selecting the compounds. The usage conditions and intended use of the item also help to determine the production process that is ultimately used. Stringent quality criteria underlie the entire development and production process. Our state-of-the-art production machinery has effective temperature and heat-time monitoring functions.
Air Springs and Gaiters
We apply the same stringent quality criteria to the production of air springs and gaiters as we do to our other production processes. Air springs and gaiters require very uniform wall thicknesses, which are of particular importance in force-distance items. As an experienced producer of rubber moulded parts, Rheinmetall Brandt is well placed to supply high-quality, precise and durable air springs and gaiters.

We use high-quality materials, including fluorosilicone rubber, also known as FVMQ. Fluorosilicone is a special rubber material with greater resistance than conventional elastomers and less sensitivity
to solvents, fuels and oils.

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