HX3 – The next generation of the tried-and tested HX trucks

Superior. Every Day.

The new HX3 series

With the latest generation of the tried-and-tested HX series, the change to a future-proof military truck has been achieved. Thanks to new technologies, the HX3 meets military and automotive megatrends. Redesigned from the ground up, users can expect, among other things, improved protection, further increased mobility, greater driving comfort and a digital architecture for an even more flexible range of applications and future increases in performance. At the same time, the valued core strengths of the HX2 and the family concept are retained.

Future technologies – Even better than the best.

More than 16,000 HX trucks are on the road worldwide, deployed by armed forces. They all carry a heritage that is expressed in unrivalled superiority. We have built on this heritage. In order to make the best even better, we listened to everyone who has been able to get to know and appreciate it – not only in everyday use, but also in the most extreme situations. Be it as fleet manager or as a soldier on the vehicle.

The new features of this pure military truck are very impressive. Thanks to various assistance systems, the HX3 offers soldiers and the civilian environment increased safety in everyday vehicle use and guarantees considerably more protection in theatre, for example with a completely redesigned cabin. Fleet management also becomes simpler and more efficient. A consistently implemented fleet commonality impresses thanks to previously unattained standardised parts and functions.

All in all, this not only ensures the future viability of the HX – like its predecessors, the HX3 can go from one mission success to the next, both for logistic and tactical missions.
Rheinmetall unveils HX3 tactical truck generation

Key features

Variety of systems
Situational awareness
Soldier-centric design
Enhanced mobility
Frontline deployment
Increased survivability
Pure military truck
Advanced driving assistance systems

The HX3 family

Always different, always the same.

Fleet commonality is a practical reality. Thanks to the consistent implementation of standardised parts and functions for the HX3, one mechanic can work on the entire fleet – from a 4x4 to a 10x10. The same applies to the training of soldiers on the vehicle because the functions are also the same throughout, both in the protected and unprotected variants. The concept of "train as you fight" is impressively implemented here. Uniform standards and standardised parts also make the maintenance of each individual truck and the entire fleet more efficient.
Equipment Package HX3 4 x 4 HX3 6 x 6 HX3 8 x 8  HX3 10 x 10
Cargo with Crane
System Carrier
Heavy Equipment Tractor
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