The new TG-MIL series

Militarised trucks excellence


After years of development, Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles is proud to present its militarised version of the latest Trucknology Generation, "TG-MIL" for short. The new range builds on the proven capabilities of the previous generation and sets new standards in safety, ergonomics and reliability.

Due to its reinforced cabin structure the new TG-MIL complies with latest crash safety requirements. Thanks to various assistance systems, the new range offers soldiers and the civil environment safety and support in everyday vehicle use. In addition, the completely redesigned interior impresses with optimised ergonomics and a driver-focused design of the controls. Despite the multitude of new functions, the new generation remains true to the characteristic qualities of its predecessors and stands for uncompromised militarised truck excellence.

As a primary choice for logistics in both domestic and low-threat mission environments, the TG-MIL truck series embodies a true family of vehicles from two to four axles. Satisfied customers value the exceptional parts commonality within the TG-MIL family and the advantages of support via MAN's worldwide service network. MAN‘s vast expertise in commercial truck development and manufacturing, current truck technology is complemented by flexible degrees of militarisation. Designed with attention to detail, the TG-MIL offers the best of both worlds.
The innovations

New designed exterior: The body in white structure has been reinforced with high strength materials in order to comply with the safety requirements of ECE 29-3. These optimizations reinforce the cabin structure in the event of a frontal crash and thus further increase occupant safety.

New lighting concept: The modernised headlight concept is completely revised and extended to include daytime running lights. These commercial design oriented headlights offer users a robust and cost effective solution. The blackout and infrared light are now located below the steel bumper.

New ADAS features: The new EE-Architecture enables the truck the potential for a greater variety of advanced driving assistance systems. By issuing acoustic and visual warnings or by longitudinal vehicle interventions innovative driver assistance systems support the user in managing critical situations on the road.

New designed interior: Both the dashboard and the individual controls have been adapted and are now focused to the driver. This setup significantly reduces driver distraction, as well as increasing ergonomics and driver safety.

Three stage blackout light: The three-stage blackout light provides not only the visible blackout light, but also the infrared blackout light, which is visible only with special equipment, thus significantly increasing the stealth capability against enemy reconnaissance troops.

Latest Euro military VI engine: The military MAN engine designed to meet the Euro VI emission standard offers a reliable, economical and particularly powerful driving performance. High-torque performance characteristics combined with extremely economical fuel consumption are the hallmarks of this six-cylinder engine.

Reinforced roof: The reinforced structure allows two soldiers to stand and work on the roof and provides outstanding carrying capacity for additional equipment such as weapon mounts, ammunition, antennas or extra batteries. It comes standard with a round roof hatch, is prepared for a swivel mount and fulfils the latest crash safety requirements.

Mission Mode: The Mission Mode enables the driver to deactivate all actively transmitting vehicle functionalities including advanced driving assistance systems to reduce the cyber threat.

Advanced Driving Assistance Systems

Automatic Cruise Control: Automatically controls the speed of the vehicle and its distance from vehicles ahead on the road. The desired speed is maintained without the need to use the accelerator. The truck brakes to a standstill and then re-accelerates if the stop is of short duration.

Emergency Brake Assist: Warns the driver of impending collisions and brakes automatically in emergency situations with speeds above 15 km/h. If the driver fails to react to the warning signals, emergency braking is initiated in the event of danger.

Attention Guard: The attention assistant detects signs of reduced driver attention at a speed of 60 km/h and above. Both visual and audible warnings help drivers to concentrate on the road ahead – reducing the risk of accidents caused by lane departure.

Lane Departure Warning: Assists the driver in maintaining the lane position from a driving speed of 60 km/h. In the event of unintentional contact with or driving over the lane marking, an acoustic warning is given so that the driver can immediately initiate a counter-reaction.

Traction Control System: The system prevents the drive wheels from spinning when starting off or accelerating. This improves traction, especially on slippery surfaces such as ice, snow, loose gravel or wet cobblestones, and ensures driving stability.

Driver's airbag and seat-belt tensioner: Provides protection against the effects of excessive acceleration forces during a crash and avoiding a collision with the steering wheel. This feature is only available for vehicles without the reinforced roof.

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