Aiming laser and infrared Illuminators

Electro-optical equipment

Rheinmetall offers innovative and latest technology electro-optical equipment for law enforcement and armed forces. With a range of efficient technologies, the electro optical sector is market leader in important product categories since the merging of the company I.L.E.E. AG – Laser Innovation. Rheinmetall Air Defence AG is developing, producing and offering a wide range of aiming lasers and infrared illumination devices as well as headlight infrared LED-illumination modules for vehicles.


To read more about the broad range of Rheinmetall electro-optical equipment, please refer to our electro-optics product pages.

OEM laser devices

Development and manufacturing

In addition to the standard portfolio, Rheinmetall Air Defence AG is the ideal partner for customized OEM laser products and developments for integration into your systems.



OEM lasers are developed together with the customer. Based on the customer requirements, Rheinmetall Air Defence AG is recommending solutions from the concept to the finally checked product.

Our strengths

  •     Laser output power according to the requirements
  •     Customized body or open frame solution
  •     Individual or standardized interface
  •     Customized software
  •     Shock resistance x/y-axis adjustment of the laser
  •     Exact positioning of the laser beam to the body or frame axis
  •     Operation modes:
    •         Multiple light sources selectable
    •         Multiple output power programmable
    •         Continuous wave operation or pulse mode selectable
  •     Replacement and obsolescence management
  •     Short delivery and reaction times
  •     Environmental tests in accordance the MIL standards
  •     Other requested test procedures in accordance with your requirements
  •     Compliance with laser safety standards
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