Our services at the Rheinmetall Competence Center Zurich

Exceptional skills, tools and methods are a prerequisite for the development of our highly complex products at Rheinmetall's Competence Center Zurich.

The main drivers here are:

  • Small-scale projects: The high demand for customer-specific adaptations, low quantities, constantly reduced budgets and fast throughput times require high flexibility, adaptability and the ability to learn.
  • Performance under extreme conditions: High environmental requirements and product-related pollution are a challenge which we gladly accept.
  • Dynamic market: Products need to be continuously further developed. This requires the use of the latest technologies.
  • Long product life cycles: 25+ years incl. corresponding configuration, life cycle and obsolescence management require foresighted planning.

We are well prepared for these challenges and are therefore able to carry out complex projects to your complete satisfaction.
Technical project management & system engineering
In order to be able to complete development projects within the required time, within the planned budget and in the desired quality, our employees have extensive experience in the design of complex and networked systems. Furthermore, we attach particular importance to professional project management. The continuous training and further education of employees in the areas of project management, system engineering and requirements engineering is therefore an indispensable factor for the successful implementation of projects.
Safety requirements for technical systems are becoming increasingly important in all areas. As a result, the overhead involved in the development, qualification and certification of new products increases. Our development department has many years of experience in the analysis, design and implementation of complex systems with demanding safety, environmental and ergonomic requirements. A team of specialists takes care of the definition of the applicable standards, compiles the corresponding requirements and accompanies the correct implementation of the required measures by means of analyses and expert opinions. Structured procedures combined with experience and expertise enable us to carry out product developments and qualifications in this area of tension in a cost-efficient and optimised manner.
Analyses & calculations
Our products are exposed to extreme environmental conditions and loads during use and must work safely and reliably even after more than 25 years of use. We benefit from our expertise in various areas of simulation and calculation:
  • Finite element modelling of static and dynamic load cases; this also includes vibration and shock analyses
  • Numerical simulation (0D and 1D) of complex and dynamic electromechanical systems
  • Fluid dynamic simulations especially for gas flows
  • Thermodynamic simulations
  • Modelling of mechatronic systems as a state model
  • Statistical simulation techniques such as Monte Carlo simulation
Drive & control technology
Well-founded expertise in the development of highly dynamic and highly precise drive systems including all safety aspects (personal protection, system protection) in the MIL standard is of central importance to us. Our strengths in engineering, simulation, control engineering, stabilisation, PCBA design (controller and power electronics) as well as embedded software and firmware design cover the entire development process – from the concept and prototype testing to system integration. We also use suitable test equipment such as a 6-axis stabilisation table with a payload of 1.2 tonnes.
System engineering & printed circuit board design
The development of durable electrics, electronics and printed circuit boards in highly stressed systems and extreme environmental conditions is a critical success factor. That is why we have various specialists at our disposal who 
  • develop complex signal and power distribution systems from the concept to production documentation.
  • develop hardware as well as firmware and software for customised printed circuit boards.

We attach particular importance to comprehensive production documentation in order to enable efficient configuration and obsolescence management over many years.
Quick & Dirty functional model
In a small team with all the necessary specialists, your ideas are converted quickly and efficiently into a functional model. The desired result is achieved for you within the shortest possible time with the help of the most modern methods and techniques. Laboratories are also more available for tests and trials.
TRIZ & value engineering
The team uses the well-known creativity technique TRIZ to find new approaches to seemingly unsolvable problems. With value engineering, the team is able to make initial statements about the expected manufacturing costs very early in the process.
Preparation of maintenance concepts & analyses for maintenance during the utilisation phase
All our products can be used for several decades. Professional determination of the maintenance measures and corresponding configuration and obsolescence management are therefore indispensable for us.
  • Using "Logistic Support Analysis", the maintenance measures are determined on the basis of the planned maintenance concept. They form the basis for user documentation, operating resources, training and spare parts requirements.
  • Over the entire period of use, our specialists use modern configuration management procedures to ensure that every technical change is monitored and controlled in the processes. Through proactive measures, obsolescence management ensures that as few unforeseeable and costly obsolescence events as possible occur.
Reverse engineering
Is data about components missing? Is the manufacturer no longer on the market and a complete system failure needs to be averted? We scan the geometry of the last part and create the new data set (CAD model and drawing), which can be used for manufacturing further parts.
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