Our services at the Rheinmetall Competence Center Zurich

The specialists at Rheinmetall's Competence Center Zurich have multiple years of extensive experience and will support you in all aspects of offset claims in Switzerland and also in other countries.
Our range of services
  • Direct or indirect support with the authorities in offset processing
  • Precise analysis of opportunities and risks
  • Support in data provision/data transfer
  • Our specialists are happy to support you
    • in your search for partners/suppliers
    • in project management
    • in process management
    • in production management
    • in procurement management
    • in quality management
    • in electronics manufacturing
    • in mechanical manufacturing
    • in assembly and commissioning of modules and systems
    • in production testing, data management and quality assurance
  •     Defence industry
  •     Aerospace industry
  •     Radar industry
  •     Artificial intelligence
  •     Mechanical engineering industry
  •     Metalworking industry
  •     Electronics and electrotechnical industry
  •     Optical industry
  •     Laser solutions
  •     Cooperation with universities and research institutions
Your benefits
  •     Detailed cost estimates for the required offset compliance as a basis for costing
  •     Risk minimisation through specialist expertise / 360° view
  •     Fixed prices and cost transparency for all our services
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