Manufacturing at the Competence Center Zurich

Our strength is manufacturing products with increased quality and reliability requirements, including to IPC-A-610 Class 3. In order to be able to meet the high quality requirements, the employees are continuously trained by our internal trainers.

Our delivery spectrum ranges from simple printed circuit boards with low assembly density to large-format, double-sided assembled, complex multilayer or rigid-flex printed circuit boards up to fully assembled and wired complete systems.
Electronics engineering

Range of services

  • Creation of the PCB layout (CAD)
  • Preparation of prototypes for series production [design for manufacturing]
  • Design, redesign and process review
  • Introduction of new technologies in the production area
  • Evaluation of new production facilities and testing equipment
  • Automation of manufacturing and testing procedures
  • Development of hardware and software test equipment
  • IHS obsolescence management


  • Development, optimisation and implementation of production and testing solutions
  • Continuous and consistent use of CAE data from development through to production and testing
  • Cooperation in test software development with our partners at home and abroad
  • Quality management in the manufacturing process
Electronics manufacturing

Range of services

  • Procurement of materials
  • Assembly of printed circuit boards in all technologies
  • Soldering of printed circuit boards, multilayers, backplanes and flex PCBs (with special inner layers such as copper invar, etc.)
  • Cleaning of printed circuit boards
  • Automated casting and gluing of assembled printed circuit boards and modules
  • Solderability and purity test
  • Protective paint coating with different paints
  • NPI (New Product Introduction)


  • SMD placement
  • Thermal complex soldering
  • Adhesive bonding and potting
  • Mass-protective coating
  • QFP and BGA soldering and desoldering
Electronics testing

Range of services

  • Visual analysis of solder joints with state-of-the-art optical systems (AOI, EFA, special microscope for BGAs, etc.)
  • In-circuit testing with flying probe system
  • Functional test with automatic test systems, including boundary scan
  • Fault diagnostics down to component level
  • Measurement data acquisition and logging
  • Climate, temperature and stress tests (ageing)
  • Calibration, certification
  • Component programming


  • High level of test coverage even for small batches
  • Great diagnostic depth
  • Coverage of all circuit technology areas (analogue, digital, optoelectronics, high frequency, microcontrollers)
  • Person-independent, reproducible test methods
  • In-house calibration laboratory
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