Manufacturing at the Competence Center Zurich

The Systems product area of the Rheinmetall Competence Center Zurich comprises the assembly, wiring and functional testing of mechanical, electronic, optronic and hydraulic assemblies, plants and systems.

We are accustomed to taking on projects and products as a general contractor from the procurement of the raw material through to the delivery of the finished product, and to collaborating with various international partners.
Commissioning and testing

Range of services

  • Functional testing of analogue, digital, high and ultra-high frequency, high voltage and high current modules
  • Service and maintenance of assemblies and subsystems
  • Commissioning, testing and customer acceptance of systems and plants
  • Reliability testing
  • Environmental testing

Key competencies

  • Radar assemblies and systems
  • Digital drive controls
  • Power electronics up to 30 KW
  • AC technology 50 Hz, 400 Hz to 10 KHz
  • Ultra-high frequency up to 40 GHz
Assembly and wiring

Range of services

  • Assembly and wiring of assemblies and systems
  • Electrical and mechanical calibration and testing
  • Adjustment of optical assemblies
  • Assembly and testing of pneumatic and hydraulic assemblies


Key competencies

  • Wiring, production of cables according to MIL, IPC and ESA standards
  • Training and expertise in electrical connection technology according to MIL, IPC and ESA
  • Assembly of assemblies and systems in steel, aluminium, titanium and composite materials according to documentation and instructions
  • Assembly and adjusting of optronic components
  • Rotary transducers
  • Slip ring systems
  • Power supplies and units (petrol, diesel, air conditioners)
Optronic assemblies

Range of services

  • Testing and adjustment of optronic modules and assemblies at our testing and measuring stations such as
  •         TV cameras
  •         Laser
  •         IR and thermal imaging devices
  •         Electro-optical systems
  •         Laser gyro
  • Technology and systems, with testing facilities such as
  •         Laser gyro
  •         Optical measuring bed
  •         Heat sources
  •         Clean room class 10,000

Key competencies

  • Assembly, adjustment and testing of optics and optronics
  • Integration of optical and optronic components in complete systems
  • Maintenance and repairs
  • Reliability and environmental tests
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