Manufacturing Center Stockach

Customised laser and infrared targeting equipment for civilian and public customers

Rheinmetall Soldier Electronics GmbH in Stockach on Lake Constance operates the manufacturing centre in southern Germany. The company specialises in the development and production of equipment and systems for infantry forces.

With their many years of experience in the construction of electronic and optical systems, around 160 employees ensure a high-performance and quality-oriented production site.

Rheinmetall Soldier Electronics GmbH offers its customers at the Stockach site:
  •     Series production
  •     Production of prototypes and small series
  •     Maintenance, repairs
  •     Test & calibration
  •     Testing of components to complete systems
  •     Development services
  •     Customer specification

As a DIN EN ISO 9001 certified company, Rheinmetall Soldier Electronics GmbH develops and manufactures quality standards for civilian and public customers. RSE offers its customers customised laser and infrared targeting equipment as well as light modules to support infantry forces and the future soldier.
Core competences
Electronics assembly   Optical systems Testing and repair
  • Development
  • Assembly production:
    • Assembly
    • Soldering technology (THT/SMD)
    • Precision mechanics
  • Wiring:
    • Soldering
    • Crimping
    • Cable harnesses
  • Laser marking of assemblies
  • Laser welding of plastic
  • Development
  • Production/testing of laser modules
    • Visible and infrared wavelength range
    • Fixed and dynamic divergence adjustment
    • Parallel adjustment of actuators
  • Production/testing of optical systems
  • Quality assurance
    • Technical cleanliness (clean room environment)
    • Partially automated production
    • Extremely shock resistant
    • Extremely temperature stable
  • 100% testing
  • Complete systems
  • Electrical and optical assemblies
  • Environmental testing
    • Shock
    • Tightness
    • Temperature
    • Climate
  • Assembled printed circuit boards
  • Cables and cable harnesses
Systems & Products

Laser Light Module (LLM)

Tactical Light (TL)


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