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About us
The manufacturing centres of RWM Schweiz AG in Zurich, Ochsenboden/Studen and Altdorf are specialized in technologically exacting metal and plastic injection moulded parts to meet stringent customer requirements.

RWM Schweiz AG has long been a world leader in the manufacturers of medium calibre ammunition and the various experiences gained in the fields of reliability and precision are now being progressively employed in other applications.

Core competencies


Cold-forging provides for innovative and economical products. The technology has many advantages, such as strain-hardening and unbroken fibres, and opens up the possibility of economical and environmentally friendly production. On our various presses we are able to produce parts up to a weight of 700 grams.

Metal Cutting

On our CNC milling and turning machines, we can produce complicated work pieces, either individually or in series.

  • CNC- Milling: Dimension: 300x300x300mm
  • CNC- Turning: Dimension: up to Ø 40mm, length up to 120m

Plastic Injection Moulding

We are specialized in the production of injection moulded components of the highest quality and precision, using "high-end" plastics. Our machines allow production of parts up to a shot weight of 50 grams.


Our production centres are certified in accordance with ISO 9001. We are aware of our responsibilities and strive for constant improvement.

The consistent examination of the processes during the entire job execution secures quality on a constantly high level. It is the policy of RWM Schweiz AG to supply products and services that fully meet the requirements of our customers.

We are pleased to place our specialized knowledge in connection with metal and plastics processing at your disposal.

  • Metal and plastic parts, single and in series
  • Cold-forging
  • Metal cutting
  • Plastic injection moulding
  • Quality and management system ISO 9001
  • Environmental management ISO 14001
Further information

Birchstrasse 155

8050 Zurich



Phone: +41 44 316 44 14

Fax: +41 44 316 24 79

Test Centre

Ochsenbodenstrasse 80

8845 Studen



Phone: +41 55 414 64 00

Fax: +41 55 414 64 01


Neuland 17

6460 Altdorf



Phone: +41 41 874 73 73

Fax: +41 41 874 73 50

Rheinmetall Platz 1

40476 Dusseldorf


Phone: +49 211 473-01

Fax: +49 211 473-4727

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