Protection Systems Sea

High-effective active and passive protection solutions

Increasingly sophisticated, modern guided missiles pose a clear and present threat to civilian shipping and naval vessels. Rheinmetall offers a wide range of high-effective active and passive protection solutions from decoy systems to ballistic and mine protection.
MASS – Multi Ammunition Softkill System

Multispectral protection for vessels

The Multi Ammunition Softkill System (MASS) protects ships and boats from multifaceted threats from anti-ship guided missiles and laser-guided weapons – on the high seas, in littoral waters and on rivers. Offering unique protection against modern sensor-guided missiles in all relevant wavelengths of the electromagnetic spectrum, MASS can be installed on vessels of all sizes and readily integrated into existing shipboard command and weapon engagement systems or operate as a standalone system. In the standard version, MASS consists of up to six trainable launchers, each of which can fire up to 32 Omni Trap decoy munitions.
Developed especially for vessels without organic shipboard reconnaissance systems, Rheinmetall’s MASS_ISS with Integrated Sensor Suite is a standalone system with an integrated sensor suite, capable of detecting both radar and laser threats. The portfolio also includes the MASS_OCR with off-board corner reflector and MASS-ATD with anti-torpedo decoy capability. The MASS_DUERAS version chosen by the Royal Canadian Navy is a piggyback solution. It features additional launching tubes for distraction rockets mounted on top of the MASS launcher.

Rheinmetall continues to perfect its tried-and-tested MASS family, assuring that in future, too, ships and their crews will have the best possible protection when operating on the high seas and in coastal waters.
MASS – Multi Ammunition Softkill System
Rosy_N – Rapid Obscuring System

Multispectral protection for small vessels

By rapidly obscuring the line of sight, the ROSY 40 mm countermeasure system protects vessels from littoral and riverine threats such as small arms fire, RPGs and missiles. ROSY is optimized for small vessels of the world’s navies, coast guards and special forces, and is particularly suitable for patrol vessels, speed boats and attack craft.

The system features absolutely spontaneous and dynamic screening capabilities.


130 mm IR Decoy Giant

Giant represents the product family of 130mm IR decoys for SRBOC and other 130mm dispensers to protect naval vessels against anti-ship missiles equipped with infrared (IR) sensors, including modern, imaging IR-seekers (IIR). The spectrally adjusted IR-payload produces a ship-like spectral signature in all IR-wave bands. This ensures the decoy’s effectiveness against all common infrared sensors including two-colour infrared seekers.

130 mm Combined RF/IR Decoy Bullfighter

Bullfighter is the new generation of 130mm decoys for SRBOC and other 130mm launcher systems to protect naval vessels up to the size of frigates against anti-ship missiles equipped with RF and/or IR seekers. The combined RF and IR payload is collocated and simultaneously effective against RF and IR seekers. Bullfighter has been successfully seeker tested against modern RF and IR seekers with highly sophisticated EPM.
118 mm Decoy Rocket Dueras
Dueras belongs to the family of 118 mm decoy rockets, and is a RF decoy rocket with RF-seduction/distraction based on chaff.

Military Object Protection VERHA-Marine

One of the greatest challenges for modern armies is equipping vehicles, helicopters and ships with the maximum possible protection while keeping additional weight to a minimum. VERHA-Marine (Versatile Rheinmetall Armour) is made of various materials tested for its suitability for military use, such as individually coated aramid, high performance polyethylene and glassfibre. Against higher threat levels these materials can be combined with various kinds of ballistic ceramics for optimum security and optimum mobility.

MMPS – Mobile Modular Protection System

The mobile modular protection system is designed to replace sand bag positions by the use of composite material. The protection level of the system is according to STANAG 4569 and protects soldiers against ballistic threats and fragmentation. The system is highly mobile and none of the protection plates is heavier than 25kg. It can be handled easily on board of ships. It can be also used in harbour areas as temporary check point.

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