In-Service Support

Advanced armour solutions for military vehicles and their crews

RBSL is the Original Equipment Manufacturer for many of the British Army’s armoured vehicle fleets. The company continues to support these and other vehicles through post-design services, a comprehensive spares and repairs service and field support to UK and international customers.

Post-design services

RBSL holds post-design services contracts with the British Army and global customers to maintain and enhance their armoured vehicle fleets.

RBSL continues to support the Challenger 2 Main Battle Tank and its on-going capability upgrade, as well as the Trojan, Titan, and Terrier armoured engineer vehicles. RBSL supports the Warrior, Bulldog and CVR(T) vehicles, together with the AS90 self-propelled howitzer, military bridging system, Pinzgauer, Panther, and other wheeled platforms.

RBSL has also recently secured a UK MOD contract to upgrade the British Army’s fleet of Fuchs CBRN reconnaissance vehicles.

Through its contracts, RBSL’s deliver a range of services to the customer including:

  • Obsolescence management
  • Product safety, environmental, and legislation
  • Capability enhancement
  • Training services
  • Testing and trials

RBSL conducts rigorous trials and testing following any maintenance or upgrade. The company provides a comprehensive test, evaluation, and acceptance service, using a systems engineering approach. For trials, RBSL conducts the planning, instrumentation, data acquisition and analysis, health and safety management, and reporting.

Field support

RBSL is a trusted partner to UK and export customers, offering technical support throughout a vehicle’s life cycle.

RBSL Field Support Representatives (FSRs) support the users and maintainers of their equipment around the world, for example at the British Army Training Unit Suffield (BATUS) in Canada. They provide both technical advice and a “hands on” service including upgrades and modifications.

Customers rely on FSRs’ comprehensive knowledge and experience of the mechanical and electrical equipment in vehicle vehicles. They also provide support to soldiers on operations, having done so in Iraq and Afghanistan, where they have been recognised with civilian medals.

Spares and repairs

RBSL provides a comprehensive spares and repairs service that delivers quality and safe products for UK and export customers.

RBSL delivers spares and repairs for numerous combat vehicles for which RBSL is the Original Equipment Manufacturer, in addition to other platforms.


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