Service Hubs

Service close to the customer

Wherever necessary, Rheinmetall Service offers the option of providing its services on site utilising its own infrastructure. These service hubs are the customer's central point of support in the country of operation and form the interface to Rheinmetall in Germany.  Adapted to the local conditions and for maximum flexibility, we offer two possible solutions:

  1. Static at a permanent location including fixed infrastructure and security.
  2. Temporarily at short notice with a fully equipped workshop marquee or in rented existing facilies.

With both solutions, the customer can rely on the comprehensive service we offer for his their fleet

Service Hub Lithuania – NATO Support in the Baltic States

The Service Hub Lithuania is a maintenance and logistics centre in close proximity to both the permanent NATO presence HQ and the Lithuanian Iron Wolf Brigade in central Lithuania.

With its permanent infrastructure and security, the hub is unique in the Baltic States. It is operated by UAB Lithuania Defense Service (LDS), a joint venture between RLS and KNDS with the aim of providing optimum in service support for the vehicles equipment of the two system houses in use locally.

The German-Lithuanian LDS team relies upon a large local partner network and the logistical organisations of the parent companies to provide support.

The systems supported include:

  • Boxer Vilkas
  • PzH 2000
  • Leopard vehicle family
  • Tactical logistics vehicles


UAB Lithuania Defense Services
Jonalaukio k. 1, Ruklos sen.
LT-55296 Jonavos r. / Lithuania

Service Hub Satu Mare – RLS Service Support for Ukrainian Marder 1A3

The Satu Mare Service Hub is a repair centre located in the immediate vicinity of the Ukrainian border in the northern part of Romania. A fully equipped site for combat battle damage repair (BDR) was established here in a very short period of time to ensure the operational availability of the Marder IFV delivered to Ukraine by Rheinmetall.

To ensure that the service hub can be used quickly and concurrently, RLS has introduced standardisation in the workshop concept and equipment.

Depending on requirements and the systems requiring repair, crane lift capability or storage capacities can be tailored.

The aim of this standardisation and modularity is to ensure rapid worldwide operational availability. This was achieved for the Service Hub in Romania within a few weeks after the initial order being placed.


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