Spare Parts Management

The basis for an efficient service

Short repair times and optimized availability are the result of a fast and uncomplicated spare parts supply. Rheinmetall offers tailor-made solutions to its customers, including on-site storage.

Data analysis of actual spare part deliveries enables the customer to plan the needed spare parts supplies. By using obsolescence management Rheinmetall can inform the customer in good time when spare parts are going out of stock. Solutions can be offered and the spare parts supply is secured for the whole system life cycle.


Assembly repair – till the smallest detail

Buy or repair? No question for a Rheinmetall customer, because the certified assembly repair is not just quicker than buying a new part, above all it is more economical.

From electronic components about the engine up to the weapon system Rheinmetall offers all kinds of assembly repair. This also includes so-called component exchange programs, which means that completely overhauled components are directly available for the customer while broken components are repaired in Germany.


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