Spare parts management and assembly repair

The basis for an efficient service

Short downtimes and optimised operational availability of equipment fleets are the result of fast rapid and straightforward Material  supply. Rheinmetall offers its customers customised solutions.

Effective assembly spare parts management ensures that equipment is in a fit state to use again in the shortest possible timeframe.
Spare parts management: "Replacement at the right time"

The evaluation of current spare parts usage enables the customer to forecast any required spare parts in the future. Through obsolescence management, Rheinmetall can provide the customer with opportune information on the discontinuation of spare parts, suggest solutions and thus ensure the continued supply in OEM quality over the entire service life of a system.

Assembly management: "Repair instead of disposal" 

The majority of equipments in use must be serviced at regular intervals to ensure reliable service. This involves the identification and replacement of Line Replaceable Units (LRU) that are limited in their function. Restoring the functionality of defective parts is the responsibility of Rheinmetalls’ LRU management.

To this end, the customer returns the defective LRU to Rheinmetall where the LRU management department takes control of the assembly in order to have them assessed and repaired at one of the service locations in Flensburg, Kassel, Kiel or Unterlüß. Rheinmetall has access to a wide network of suppliers, ensuring the fastest possible turnaround time.

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