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As a system house and qualified repair provider of numerous wheeled and tracked vehicles, Rheinmetall has been making a decisive contribution to the operational readiness of the Bundeswehr's ground forces and allied armed forces for many years. In the Kassel, Unterlüß and Flensburg plants, repairs are carried out either at regular intervals or as required, in various service types including the associated service packages. The know-how of Rheinmetall plant employees is based on many years of experience in the field of maintenance.

Regular system repairs contribute to the economic efficiency and service life extension of the vehicle systems. In addition to carrying out scheduled work and repairs as required, they also offer an economical option for the parallel integration of measures developed as part of technical-logistical support (TLB) or development support (ETB). These range from technical adaptations in the form of retrofitting and upgrade developments to fully-fledged combat value enhancements.


Modifications and Upgrades

Within the scope of factory overhaul modifications and upgrades can be carried out as well. These can reach from the adaptation of an assembly to customer standards up to a full combat improvement of the whole system.

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