Interim Systems

Interim Systems

These mobile medical diagnostic and care Systems can replace medical care of stationary medical facilities when these are insufficient (e.g. during construction) or they can expand capacity in the event of internal system failures.

From operating theatres, including intensive care unit, and specialist practices to imaging systems such as X-ray or CT, the mobile medical units do not differ from stationary hospitals in terms of technical and medical equipment.

Rheinmetall Interim Systems are installed in the one- or two-side expandable Master-Shelter. They are equipped according to the RMS standard or according to customer specifications. Alternatively, the shelters are prepared for installation of customer's medical equipment.

Facility exampleS


Computed tomography

The CT-Shelter has separate recording and control rooms, thus ensuring safe use. The outer walls of the shelter and the control area are lead-shielded via special sandwich wall construction.


Intensive care unit

The intensive care unit, with two beds per shelter, does not differ from a stationary intensive care unit in terms of patient care and monitoring facilities. 


Operating theatre

In terms of equipment and requirements for clean room modules (sterility, air filtration, gas supply), the OR is no different from a stationary operating room and meets the highest technical and hygienic equirements.


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