Mobile hospitals and field hospitals

Mobile hospitals and field hospitals

In the field of turnkey field hospitals, RMS is the world's leading system house. Over the past two decades, we have supplied a large number of complex systems to customers on almost every continent. No other system house in this segment has such a broad and well-founded expertise and the corresponding references. The capacity of the hospital as well as the medical equipment are configured in each case on the basis of the individual customer requirement and the defined medical necessities. Based on our defined standard sizes for 50, 100 or 200 patient beds, we develop together with the customer the optimal and mission-oriented solution for the specific need.

The basis of our mobile hospitals and field hospitals in the area of military equivalents of a Role 2 (2B and 2E) or Role 3 is the in-house developed and proven ZEPPELIN-Shelter®, which is used as a 1:1 or expandable as a 2:1 or 3:1 shelter for the demanding medical treatment rooms. Our ZEPPELIN-Shelter® can be equipped with almost every medical speciality, which is also offered in in-patient hospitals or specialist practices. Our customers can realize everything with us: General medicine, emergency physician, operating room, intensive care unit, radiology, ophthalmologist, dentist, ENT, gynecology, orthopedics, laboratory or pharmacy.

The individual modules are connected via corridors or connecting shelters and thus networked to form a hygienically self-sufficient overall system. The equipment is always specially designed to meet the high requirements of modern medicine. Depending on customer requirements, the shelters are supplemented by inflatable or pole-supported tents for triage, patient accommodation or the provision of catering.

For the need for rapidly deployable or but portable systems (Role 1 or 2B), fully tent-supported systems can also be deployed that still meet the various requirements of mobile medicine. In these systems, the equipment is not permanently installed, but is selected to be highly mobile, lightweight and compact without disregarding the required robustness. The optimal mobile use in the field defines the design of our solution approach.

Both types of mobile medical and ambulance supply systems are complemented by necessary systems for the provision of electricity, water, sanitation, catering or waste disposal, in order to always be able to offer our customers a turnkey system for their deployment.

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Examples of mobile hospitals and field hospitals
Examples of mobile hospitals and field hospitals
Examples of mobile hospitals and field hospitals

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Connecting shelters and corridors
Connecting shelters and corridors
Connecting shelters and corridors

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