Use case

Oil & Gas Upstream Training Academy for PEMEX (Petróleos Mexicanos), Mexico

In a nutshell

  • Increase in individual staff competency
  • Increase in safety on Upstream Platforms
  • Increase in effectiveness
  • Increase of cooperation within the workteams
  • Implementation of "best practices"
  • Lower production downtime
  • Increase in Oil Production
The challenge
The National Oil Company of Mexico PEMEX (Petróleos Mexicanos), the biggest employer in Mexico was seeking for options for improving safety in their production facilities and the reduction of production downtime. PEMEX identified raising the basic knowledge and process training of its upstream production staff as key to achieving this goal.
In the past, PEMEX tried to achieve this with investments in single simulator facilities and encountered problems in keeping this technology updated and instructors qualified.
The solution
The "Centro de Adiestramiento en Procesos de Producción" (CAPP or Training Centre for Production Processes) will enable PEMEX to prepare its employees for highly demanding tasks on the company’s oil platforms. Safety, process optimization and increased efficiency are at the heart of the wide-ranging, high-quality package of measures that PEMEX is currently implementing, drawing on Rheinmetall’s comprehensive expertise in the world of advanced simulation solutions. Besides state-of-the-art simulators for oil and gas production and processing, the CAPP will feature full-mission simulators for various cranes and scale models of on-board oil production equipment for operator training, together with laboratories, classrooms and e-learning facilities. Starting in 2019, around a thousand personnel will undergo training at the CAPP every year.
The benefits
PEMEX's training academy CAPP enables the company to carry out centralized, interdisciplinary training for various types of personnel at a constant quality level. The targeted use of innovative training means such as simulators reduces significantly the time required for training-on-the-job offshore. All employees can train for critical situations in a safe environment without being exposed to real threats. The cooperation with Rheinmetall as an industry partner ensures continuous operation of the academy while keeping all infrastructures up-to-date. This allows PEMEX's employees to fully concentrate on their original tasks and value-creating activities.

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