Electro-pneumatic Valves

3/2-way vacuum switching valve

Pneumatic valves use air as a medium. They are used for switching, controlling or regulating the medium with pressure or vacuum (vacuum valves). The wide product portfolio of electromagnetically actuated valves includes switching and control valves, valves with integrated pneumatic actuator and completely pre-assembled modules.

The valves have been developed for automotive applications, but can also be used in other applications (non-automotive) where pneumatic valves are required. They comply with the high quality requirements in the automotive sector, a significant advantage also for other applications.
Switching Valves


Switching valves are available as 2/2-way valves or 3/2-way valves in various sizes and variants. They are characterized by a compact design, a long service life and very fast switching times. High flow versions are also suitable for evacuating or ventilating large volumes in a very short time. The combination with a vacuum motor with less hose connections leads to an additional advantage.

A large selection of options for fixation and electrical contacting allows the use in almost any application, not only in the conventional automotive sector, but also, for example, for sensor cleaning, which will be of increasing importance in the future for advances driver assistance systems (ADAS).

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