Oil Valves

Valves for Shutting Off Piston Cooling Functions

Pierburg Oil valves control and regulate variable oil pumps or switch off the piston cooling. In addition, the compact and energy-saving proportional valves enable hydraulic pressure and position control with engine oil.

As an electrically non-conductive medium, oil is ideal for cooling various components in electric power trains such electrical cables, windings or power electronics. For this purpose, the oil valves allow very high volume flows with low pressure losses.

The portfolio of electromagnetically operated oil valves includes various shapes and sizes. Developments according to individual customer requirements with regard to installation space, interfaces as well as mechanical, hydraulic and electrical specifications are also possible.

Valves for Shutting Off Piston Cooling Functions
2-2-Wege Schaltventil (PCV)
Shutting off the piston cooling function reduces the need of oil and hence lowers CO2 emissions. This facility also shortens engine heat-up phase for reduced fuel consumption, lower emissions, and extended oil pump durability. With minor modifications, the valves can also operate with other media. A typical application is operation with water, which is required e.g. when cleaning sensors (cameras, Lidar).

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