Thermo Module

All components of the coolant cycle in a single, handy subsystem

Energy Recovery Systems

Within the Energy Recovery System business unit, Rheinmetall Invent GmbH pools its expertise in all aspects of thermodynamics.

Here we offer you a standardized heat pump for cooling the battery or air conditioning the interior, which can be adapted to your needs.

In addition, we develop individual air conditioning solutions for you

Heat pump systems

Rheinmetall offers a new heat pump for electric vehicles as a plug-and-play solution. The compact component is completely pre-assembled and filled. The intelligent cooling and heat management of the new refrigerant system can not only increase the range of vehicles and the service life of materials, but also the comfort of car occupants.

Our system solution is designed for 400 as well as 800 volt applications. It delivers up to 8 kW nominal cooling and up to 11 kW heating power for battery and hybrid systems. As an active element in the vehicle's thermal management system, the new Rheinmetall compact heat pump ensures precise conditioning of the battery and electric motor and also provides air conditioning for the interior.
We develop heat pump systems for various applications like commercial (HD/MD), marine, Boats, agricultural and construction machinery.

Exemplary Truck Application: Rheinmetall Heat Pump within > 12 t Truck

Exemplary Truck Application: Rheinmetall Heat Pump within > 12 t Truck


  • Transfer of know-how into multiple applications
  • Customized system and layout integration
  • Easy integration into various applications due to modular design
  • All components of the coolant cycle in a single, compact subsystem with prefilled refrigerant (R134a/R1234yf)
  • Here, cooling or heating takes place via a connected coolant circuit consisting of water and glycol
HVAC Systems

In the HVAC system area you will find our development services for your individual projects.
We develop solutions for you for a wide range of applications from civilian to military vehicles.                        

The service includes the following activities:

  • - Analysis of your specific requirements
  • - Elaboration of product specifications
  • and much more



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