Coolant Inline Modules

4-way inline module switching valve

The ever-increasing restrictions on installation space require an even more compact design and the possibility of modular integrations of supporting components, especially in the thermal management of battery-powered electric vehicles. By using the inline valve technology, it is possible to connect and disconnect different paths of cooling circuit branches. The modular connection concept is used to enable direct assembly to the hydraulic consumer. The use of inline valve technology enables an extremely compact and space-saving connection. The valve functions, reliable and safe shut-off or switching of circuits with the lowest pressure drops and maximum requirements on leak tightness, complete this innovative integration of coolant magnetic valves.


  • Simple and compact integration of coolant circuit branches in the thermal management system
  • Modular connection to battery housings and other modules with optimum use of installation space
  • Extension to 4 ways with two switching positions and further consumers realizable
Technical data 1 inlet & 2(+1) outlet 2 inlet & 1(+1) outlet 
Operating voltage 12/24 V 12/24 V
Ambient temperatures -40 to +100 °C -40 °C to +100 °C
Media temperatures -40 to +100 °C -40 °C to +100 °C
Flow rate up to 50 l/min up to 50 l/min
Differential pressure rel.  2.0 bar 2.0 bar

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