Armoured engineer vehicle

AEV3 (PiPz3)

The third-generation AEV3 (PiPz3)

In the 21st century, army engineers need a robust, reliable and future-proof armoured engineer vehicle with state-ofthe-art equipment, high levels of protection and mobility in the entire field of application. As a system vendor, Rheinmetall Landsysteme has responded to these requirements by developing the AEV3 KODIAK, the third-generation of armoured engineer vehicle.

Versatile, highly protected, field-proven and modern, the Kodiak is the best choice for the pioneers of the German Bundeswehr and NATO in the event of deployments or disasters. Highly mobile on the chassis of the Leopard 2, the pioneer troops use the Kodiak to create barriers and thus effectively inhibit the movement of enemy troops. Enemy barriers can be quickly removed to promote the mobility of your own combat troops. It is extremely agile in these situations and can also be used effectively when working in narrow passages. The numerous special tools can be changed under protection, which thus offers the crew the greatest possible safety.

Together with the Buffalo armoured recovery vehicle (BPz3) already introduced by the German Bundeswehr, the Kodiak – as a true pioneer – is a perfect, logical addition to the range of support vehicles. All Kodiak users rely on the powerful team of specialists, particularly with regard to interoperability and synergies in terms of common parts, maintenance and training.

AEV 3 KODIAK in disaster relief mission

Making-of "Behind the scenes of the PiPz3 Kodiak shooting"

Kodiak – The most powerful of its kind

The AEV3 KODIAK combines modern engineering technology with the tried-and-tested components from the Leopard 2 battle tank. The AEV3 Kodiak has an articulated arm excavator in the middle of the vehicle, including further excavator tools, an adjustable bulldozer blade and a flexible winch system. The total weight remains the same despite the extensive equipment in the MLC70 class. Using the mine breakthrough kit, the crew can quickly convert the Kodiak into a mine breakthrough system with a mine clearance plough, signature duplicator and marking equipment.

In addition, there is a high level of ballistic protection, integrated mine protection, ABC protective ventilation and a crew room with a heating and cooling system. Additional equipment, such as combat control systems as well as radio and intercom devices and other accessories are integrated according to customer specifications.

The two- or three-person crew of the AEV3 Kodiak can use the system under full protection. This also applies to the replacement of excavator tools. In addition, the AEV3 Kodiak can be operated and used remotely from a safe distance. The vehicle is the perfect tool for army engineers tasked with erecting or breaking obstacles on the battlefield, including breaking minefields. The PiPz3 Kodiak is also particularly suitable for disaster relief at home and abroad, for example in the event of forest fires.

In addition, the vehicle is able to provide electrical and hydraulic energy for external tools, e.g. for additional work lights or hydraulically powered hand tools. Air conditioning, night vision capability, surveillance via cameras and a fully protected (optional) weapons station are just some of the additional features that distinguish the Kodiak.

Excavators and excavator tools
Winch system
Weapon station
Visual concept
Customers in Europe
Customers in Europe and beyond use the PiPz3 Kodiak as the perfect tool for their combat pioneers and use it to their complete satisfaction.



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