Reconnaissance Vehicle

The Combat Vehicle Reconnaissance (Tracked), or CVR(T), is a family of light tracked vehicles with over 40 years of evolution and modernisation.

There are many variants of the CVR(T) vehicle used to perform different roles. Across all variants, their light weight and small size make CVR(T) highly mobile across difficult terrain. Reconnaissance troops also use the CVR(T) in order to gather battlefield intelligence by stealth.

All variants of CVR(T) have a proven history of providing exceptional protection, firepower, and mobility. There are five variants currently in service with the British Army. RBSL offers a range of upgrade solutions for all CVR(T) variants.

  • Scimitar
    A light reconnaissance tank armed with a 30mm RARDEN cannon
  • Spartan
    An Armoured Personnel Carrier capable of carrying four passengers
  • Samson
    An Armoured Recovery Vehicle with a rear winch
  • Sultan
    A command and control vehicle with a higher roof for more comfortable office space
  • Samaritan
    An armoured ambulance
  • Scorpion (export only)
    Both 76mm and 90mm main armament, remains in-service with overseas customers

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