Family of vehicles Wiesel

Wiesel 1

Thanks to its outstanding flexibility, mobility and rapid availability on the ground, the Wiesel 1 vehicle family is ideal for supporting airmobile forces. These exceptionally versatile vehicles can be airlifted as underslung cargo or carried inside a CH-53 transport helicopter. The Wiesel 1 comes in TOW, MK 20 automatic cannon and recce versions, enabling it to perform a variety of tactical roles, including reconnaissance, C4I and security operations.
Wiesel 2
An advanced version of the Wiesel 1 family, the Wiesel 2 has a roomier interior and a larger payload. This state-of-the-art family of vehicles can carry out a wide variety of missions, including reconnaissance, command and control, air defence and recovery and evacuation of wounded personnel. The Wiesel 2 is available in lightweight air defence, medivac, combat engineer reconnaissance and mobile command post versions.
Rheinmetall Wiesel - Light Reconnaissance Vehicle

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