Armoured Engineer Vehicle

Titan is an armoured engineer vehicle designed to launch military bridges, allowing troops to cross gaps, keep mobile, and provide flexibility across a range of operations.

Titan can carry and launch RBSL’s modular bridging system currently in service with the British Army. Titan can launch bridges in tandem, over wet and dry gaps, and with trestles for combination bridges in water up to 5m in depth.

It can also fit wedges to ‘overbridge’ obstacles in urban areas, such as pipelines and existing infrastructure. Titan can launch bridges from difficult terrain and bank conditions including slopes, deep mud, boggy terrain and narrow gorges.

Titan is highly protected, using the same type of armour as the Challenger 2 Main Battle Tank, and can also be fitted with a mine plough in order to breech obstacles and plough mines.

Along with the Trojan armoured engineer vehicle, Titan provides the British Army with a common heavy armour fleet based on the Challenger 2 Main Battle Tank chassis.


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