Turret Systems

Modular in concept, turret systems from Rheinmetall offer excellent crew protection. A combination of modular architecture, ease of integration and flexible armament means that they can be mounted onto practically any platform, and used in a huge variety of operational scenarios.

LANCE modular turret system


Featuring 360° armour protection, the medium-calibre LANCE modular turret system is based on a new concept and can be deployed in a wide variety of combat and security roles. Its systematic modularity enables maximum variability, combining excellent survivability with a ready upgrade capability. Innovative optronic modules assure high-precision fire control. Depending on customer requirements, and thanks to a multitude of different modules, LANCE is available either in a two-man turret configuration or as a remote control turret system.

LANCE RC turret system


The LANCE RC is a remote control, medium-calibre turret system on the cutting edge of modern military technology. Owing to its compact dimensions and low weight, it can be mounted on a variety of different platforms, including relatively lightweight wheeled vehicles. Moreover, the modular turret concept offers scope for growth throughout the product’s entire lifecycle. Even today, the basic version’s capabilities can be expanded in a number of ways: with a situational awareness system, for example, or an independent weapon station or additional commander’s sight for providing hunter-killer functionality. Importantly, the LANCE RC’s crew can reload without leaving the safety of the armoured fighting compartment. This feature is a direct response to experience gained during current deployed operations, as is the ability to fire the weapon in superelevation mode (60°).

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